Sunday, January 27, 2013


MAME4droid is an application that should make a lot of android users happy. It is an android port of the well known Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME). As of this writing, the application is at the 1.5.2 version and is provided for free on the Android Market
This application adds a whole bunch of successful games, once available on other platforms (NES, SNES, Neo Geo, ...) to the Android's games library. The only difference and challenge being the lack of a physical controller, the user will have to deal with simulated buttons and joypad. Those can be configured and changed for the convenience of the user, and I highly recommend a 4-inch screen at least to enjoy a better and less painful experience.

I've tested few Neo Geo games that I managed to get to work. To be able to run Neo Geo roms, you will have as with the Windows version of MAME, to add the Neo Geo bios into the rom directory. And since it is hard to find a working version of the bios, I made it available for you here. Trust me, there is no viruses or malware involved :)
So, go head, give mame4droid a shot because it is worth it!! You will be able to enjoy many great games such Metal Slug that worked for me like a charm, base ball star, Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, and many others ;)