Saturday, July 13, 2013

Some Words about One Piece

As the banner of my blog suggests, I am a huge fan of One Piece. For those of you who don't know this universe, learn that this is a great anime that relates the adventures of a young pirate crew (Mugiwara's) that travel the oceans searching for the great treasure left by the one and only late King of pirates, Gol D Roger. This man, respected by all his fellows obtained all what this World has to offer: wealth, glory and power. Roger, when pronouncing his last words during his execution, passed on his will to a new generation of pirates by setting up a challenge for those who have enough courage to set sail, travel the seas and fight for their dreams, to find the One Piece and become the next Pirate King.

The straw hat (picture above) has a very special meaning in One Piece. It's an object who belonged to Roger. He entrusted it the red haired Shanks, a brillant member of his crew, who, in turn, bet on the new generation by giving it to Luffy, a young boy whose dream is to become the next Pirate King. For Luffy, the straw hat is a precious gift and a treasure from the man who lost his left arm to save his life when he was a kid and taught him that pirates do value friendship and morals. Luffy made a promise to Shanks to give him the hat back only when he becomes the new Pirate King. To Luffy, the straw hat represents his ambition and his dream.

With Luffy, we've lived the adventure for many years now. We hope this continues forever... Long Live One Piece!! :-)