Saturday, September 21, 2013

Some Pictures I took this Weekend...

Sun at sunset. Very beautiful picture I took when I was performing my usual jogging. It looks like Goku's Spirit Bomb... :]

Nice view over Cergy's lake/parc. The small island in the front is called the "Astronomic Island". At night, a green laser beam is directed toward that island from a tower (or an axe to be more precise) standing just behind me. Notice also the small pyramid at the left :-) This place is perfect to breathe some fresh air and practise some sports activity. The whole way from the axe until the island, going through the red bridge is called "Axe majeur"

I was lucky enough to take a picture of this airship while it was flying around. The photo is not very clear as to be able to say whether it's really an airship or an UFO :)