Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nexus 5 & Android KitKat

It has been two weeks now since the new Google/LG Nexus 5 was released. Many people, me included, got excited about this newcomer which theoretically should compete at a lesser price with this year's top ranked smartphones.

I got mine last week and had to play with it the whole weekend. Its hardware configuration (4 x 2.3GHz processor, 2 GB RAM & 5" Full HD Screen) makes it very fast and really fun to use. The design has been greatly improved in comparison with the Nexus 4, and we find it in two flavors: black & white. The camera still has the same 8 MP resolution, but has been enhanced with an optical image stabilization and better software. I took a lot of pictures with it and found it much much better than the camera of my old HTC Sensation having the same resolution. A new camera mode called photo sphere has been added. This takes panoramic photography to a whole new level by making it possible and easy to take 360° pictures. This mode takes advantage of the device's gyroscope to assist the user in taking pictures at different angles and effectively concatenate them. The camera displays target points that help in taking key photos in the directions we are interested in. Once we are finished, we hit the capture button to render the final photo. The result is just amazing; we can browse inside the picture that we get using the photo sphere viewer :-)

The device's battery is not too different from other phones. It can make it to the end of the day in normal use conditions. It also can not be replaced, so better try to preserve it as much a possible.

KitKat as announced brings stock Android a step further to providing a unique user experience that makes it as attractive and pleasant to use as third party android devices. This Nexus 5 really got great potential, and that is why I decided in the first place to make it the replacement for my old HTC phone.